Shahan Zaidi

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

” I can’t blame just ONE experience for what I am. I am not even sure a Single experience can shape someone forever. I am adaptable, and open to change. I like to experience many and different things and then moving on to explore something else entirely. I think certain things just happen in life… Art Happened to me.”
~ Shahan Zaidi
(Excerpt from an interview taken by Hasan Kazim for a Magazine called Dastaan World Chapter2 ‘Brainstorm’)

Shahan Zaidi is an Artist, Painter and Illustrator, Creator of ‘Bloody Nasreen’ a Fictional Character, works both traditionally and Digitally, He has been working for Various Acclaimed CGI, Post, Pre-production companies and animation houses in Pakistan as well as given services for companies abroad as a freelancer.

He is capable of producing

  • Concept art
  • Storyboards / Layouts / Mood Boards /
  • Mattepainting
  • Character Design
  • Logo Design Ideas
  • Cover art
  • Comic Books / Graphic novels
  • Cell Animation
  • Illustrations
  • Ball Pen Drawings
  • Oil / Acrylics Painting
What I Do
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Illustration
  • Character Illustration
  • Animation
  • Character¬†Animation
  • Branding